Thursday, November 03, 2005


In October, Chris and I bought a c.1895 Victorian House. We thought a blog would be a great way to document our progress in restoring and updating our new home. First a little timeline:
On August 16, we were going back to my parent's house after eating out for my sister's birthday when we took a shortcut and found it. There it stood with it's "For Sale By Owner" sign, quietly calling our names, so of course we called the number on the sign. We arranged to see it and as they say, it was love at first sight! Not only has the house been well-maintained, but the owners had done a lot of work on it. We applied for a loan, then every night lay sleepless just hoping it could be ours. After we got the approval, we spent every night imagining what we were going to do to it. I must say, we didn't get enough sleep for a couple of weeks! Throughout the process, we visited the house frequently. So much, in fact, that the owners (who live next door) went ahead and gave us a key! We went to Ireland for vacation in early October and the week we got back, we closed on the loan. So, here we go!


Anonymous Kim said...

The house looks beautiful. What a neat project.

9:52 AM  
Blogger C&C said...

Thank you for the kind remark! That is how it looked before we did any work to it (especially the shrubs out front).


9:20 PM  

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