Thursday, November 10, 2005

Fall Trees

Last weekend the trees were at their peak of turning colors. We took a few pictures, raked a few leaves and hung out at the new house for a while. Then we went to the Public Library and did a little research on the house. It was very interesting. We were hoping to find some old pictures or maybe a hint about when additions were added, but we will have to go to the County Courthouse to find that. We did find out who the previous owners were.
We now have all of our bids in from the subs, so hopefully work can get started soon. I'm really hoping to be in by Christmas, but my gut is telling me not to hold my breath. Chris, on the other hand, is being very patient about the whole process. The electrical starts next week, and the foundation repair at the end of this month. Hopefully, the plumber can get started by the end of this month also. We are going to go ahead and move in as soon as the plumbing is finished and just use space heaters to keep warm.


Blogger Jessica said...

Oh wow!!!! I'm sooo excited for you! Where is it located? I wish I was there for the fall colors. I know you are so excited!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

8:44 AM  

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