Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Plumbers Have Left the Building

The plumbers wrapped up this past Wednesday...can't wait to get thier bill :O

They were done in less than a week, they replumbed the bathroom, got the washer/dryer hookups ready (which were located in the kitchen) and the dryer exhaust vented, added a water line for the reefer, removed a wall-mounted gas heater from the downstairs bathroom, relocated the waterlines that fed the upstairs bathroom from the dining room to a closet, and removed the gas pipes that fed the water heater (which was also in the kitchen). The water heater is being relocated to a closet that is across the wall from the bathroom upstairs.

The floor joists had to be severly notched to allow room for the pipes. The clawfoot tub is going back in so the joist will have to be braced somehow. I quess that's next on the list. The plaster is going to have to be replaced with sheetrock so we are going to insulate while we have access. An electrical hookup needs to be run to the closet where we are putting the water heater, then we get to start work on the floors.


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