Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Moving Right Along

The bathroom project is really starting to move along. Chris installed the insulation last night, we joked that it's now the warmest room in the house! Today, the drywallers are coming, so hopefully we will be installing tile this weekend. My big wish is that we can be showering in our own bathroom by next weekend. It's looking like it might actually happen!

There are about a jillion little projects going on in the meantime. The city has started working on the sidewalks on our street, which will be a big improvement (and something we don't have to work on or pay for!). The draperies for the living room came in yesterday, they just need to be hung. This will keep some of the cold out in the evenings from the large windows. We've started the painting in the kitchen, and bought the fabric for the window coverings and the lower cabinets. Eventually, we might strip the lower cabinet doors to remove excess paint, but for now we will use little curtains. Sometime soon we will install open shelving instead of upper cabinets, it's just a matter of fitting it in.


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