Wednesday, December 28, 2005


With an old house comes a lot of new lessons. While Chris and Sean finished loading the last remaining items at the old house last night, I decided to vacuum up some of the construction dust that is coating everything. I learned that it's a very good thing the vacuum has a light on it, because you can't have the lights on at the same time the vacuum is going! I also learned the hard way that when fuses "burn out" they literally BURN out and are hot to the touch. Our cats had been in hiding the whole first evening and the second day, but they are now starting to feel more at home also. Molly knows how to go up the stairs but not down, and Lily only knows how to go down. Maybe they can exchange information and I won't have to lug them anymore. We still have no shower or tub, so we've been showering at Chris's parents in the morning since it is so close to our office. This morning, Chris was waiting for me to get to the office so he could leave to shower and he said "I feel like we're refugees". He was so pitiful- sick with a cold, his hair mussed and a scruffy face, but still I had to laugh. He couldn't have said it better.


Blogger Kim said...

Too funny about the cats! That really made me laugh:)

Congrats on moving in - your house is beautiful! I noticed that you do home staging and that's something that I think I would be interested in doing at some point. I live in Tennessee and I've asked a few TN home stagers about how it's going over here, and they tell me that it's taking some work to convince people that they should have their homes staged before selling. I'm a total believer that it works and I wish more people would see that it does!


5:10 PM  
Blogger Leah said...

I really hope your cats can exchange information - that's hysterical =)

9:30 AM  
Blogger C&C said...

I'm glad to report both cats can now ascend and descend the stairs with no problems.


11:56 AM  

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