Monday, January 23, 2006

Say NO to Crack

We are coming ever nearer to a nice hot shower. I have this gut feeling though that after the bathroom is done and I'm ready to take a nice long hot shower, there will be minimal water pressure. Is there any way to test the water pressure before the fixtures get installed?

So...The bathroom update.

The sub floor has been installed and after the brace job I did on the joists, the floor is very sturdy.

We stripped the walls down to the studs because the plaster was so damaged. We will now be able to insulate the exterior wall.

During the process, one of our cats decided to check out the newly exposed crawl space.

No, Cara's not plumbing. She's trying to fish the cat out. ;)

So that's where we are, the drywall is going to be installed Wednesday and I still have to insulate and tear the old drywall and plaster off the ceiling so I'd better get to work.


Anonymous Victor said...

Hi, just came across your post by way of house blogs and I thought I'd mention that yes, you can check your water pressure and it's actually quite easy.

Just pick up a Water Pressure Gauge, connect it to your hose bib and see what the situation is. I point those out only because they look like the ones we use in my father's plumbing company, but if you do a search on google for water pressure gauges you can find quite a few different examples types.

The work's looking good though. I'm quite curious to see how the bathroom turns out (I'm in the process of planning on several bathroom remodels in my house)

12:32 AM  
Blogger C&C said...

I checked out those water pressure guages and I'll definitly try one out if the water pressure sucks in the shower upstairs (once it's installed). The bathroom is comming along, look out for sheetrock updates soon!


9:25 PM  

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