Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dog Days

It's been a bit since I posted, so I thought I would post a few random thoughts.
Even with a to-do list and a deadline, we just haven't been getting anything done. I have to say it's been hectic for us lately though. There was Mother's Day, a small car accident (you should see the other guy's car though), the Joe Martin Stage Race (neither of us were in it), work, and various other things that tend to cloud our brains and prevent us from doing things around the house such as garage sales, biking, and watching TV. Ok, well we really don't have any good excuses, I was really fishing to think of those. We did get the baby's room cleaned out and all of the junk packed up, but if it hadn't been for company coming to stay with us, that room would probably still be full. We still haven't started removing the wallpaper. Too bad no one else is coming in town, because that is great motivation!

It's been really hot here lately, whereas a couple of weeks ago we were turning on the space heater and wrapping up in a blanket. Crazy Arkansas weather! I doubt we'll be using blankets again any time soon now though. We think we've got it figured out as to how to stay cool for now. Fans are placed strategically through the house in windows, and if you don't stay home during the day, you have a good chance at not getting too hot. The evenings are actually pretty pleasant. We are definitely going to install some ceiling fans, and screen doors. Central heat and air and new attic insulation are definitely in the immediate future, because when you have a newborn, you cannot hang out at Barnes & Noble until you think the house has cooled down. At least, I don't think so anyways.
That's Maze, our greyhound doing what she does best. They are the sweetest dogs, but so quirky. She sometimes will not drink, which makes her breath TERRIBLE. She also doesn't like going on walks that are more than two blocks down. She just drags back home, and I mean end of the leash dragging behind me. She apparently takes her retirement seriously!

Our to-do list for this week/weekend is:
  1. Mow & weedeat the yard - yes Chris, that means you!!!
  2. Drop Molly the cat off to be shaved (this you've got to see, will post pic)
  3. Strip the wallpaper from the baby's room
  4. Finish installing the shelves in the kitchen (will post pics when complete)
  5. Repair the grout in the bathroom (will post pics on this as well)
  6. Paint the bathroom door white and finish cutting in
Yeah, well, we'll see how much of that gets done! Maybe since I've posted the list we will have more motivation?

Oh, and an update on the stolen tulips (I told you this had random thoughts)...
Chris's cousin, Tommy, said that florists will often raid people's yards and STEAL flowers when they are in a pinch. This sounded so unbelieveable, but he said his dad's girlfriend who owns a flower shop told him that happened SO often. Of course, she wouldn't do that, but others do. There are several florists very close by our house, Fayetteville is FULL of florists. I did think it was strange that only certain colors were taken and that the thief also cut some of the leaves. The flowers were snipped with scissors, not just picked. He also said that tulips cost the florist around $2 per head. I thought I was over my anger with those silly tulips, but apparently not because I found myself asking Chris to get me a BB gun for my birthday! The good thing is that come Hydrangea season (also one of my favorites), I will be home with a newborn. Don't think I won't be waiting for the hydrangea theives! They need to ask themselves seriously if they want to tangle with a grumpy, sleep-deprived mother of a newborn before they place one florist foot in our yard! I would LOVE to catch them on film and give the pictures to a gossip column. So florists beware, you've been warned! Put your stealing snippers back in your pocket and get your toes offa my lawn...


Blogger Kelly/KAS said...

I flew right over your house Monday on my way home from Chicago! I waved! Did you see me????? LOL


2:43 PM  
Blogger C&C said...

If you see any flower thieves in the yard, you'll have to run out with your BB gun and ask them in your best Dirty Harry voice "Do you feel lucky punk, well, do ya?"


3:50 PM  
Blogger C&C said...

No, no, no, I think I'll go with the "shoot first, ask questions later" approach! -cara

4:23 PM  
Blogger Allison said...

I love the greyhound! There are pictures of ours on my blog. http://takoma-bark.com. Bill (our grey) also takes his retirement very seriously. Although he does like walks and occasionally running after our other dog Nellie in the back yard, those activities wear him out so much he can't be bothered to do much else besides sleep in our bed all day long.

12:37 PM  

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