Friday, March 10, 2006

Ix-nay the Ile-tay

Last weekend we went to Home Depot to get our subway wall tile, which we thought would be a quick thing. No, we were so wrong. Not only do we have inside corners in our bathroom, but an outside corner as well which seems like no big deal except for they didn't have the inside corner cove base tiles. Those would be a special order and they couldn't find their order book. So after talking to the tile department guy (who looked at us like we were totally nuts) and going through the in's and out's of tiling (yikes), we decided that maybe we should just paint the walls and put up a nice, tall baseboard. So yes, we chickened out. The good thing is that we got the floor tiles grouted, which was actually kind of fun (but time-consuming) and we got the walls painted. This weekend, we will re-paint the walls (found out there is an anti-mold, etc additive that works wonders) and install the baseboards and hopefully get the fixtures installed. I've decided if we don't get the fixtures in ourselves by the end of the weekend, it's time to give up and call the plumbers. No more of this no bathtub/shower thing!


Blogger C&C said...

What, no Pics Cara?


10:10 PM  
Blogger derek said...

I just left a grout line at the inside corners. We didn't buy the subway tile at Home Depot, I did buy some of the tile there though. I'm not super happy with how I cut the first wall, you have to be really accurate with your cuts.

11:16 AM  

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