Wednesday, February 01, 2006

In the Middle

The drywall is complete! The bathroom actually looks like a room now. I'm not sure exactly what order we need to do the following in, but this is what we need to do:
  • Paint the walls & ceiling
  • tile the floor
  • tile the walls
After those are done we can install the tub, toilet, sink, and all the light fixtures. It's hard to imagine life once this bathroom is complete. I do know one thing though, we need to do everything else ourselves...Or at least enlist the help of friends/family who are willing to work for free, pizza, or beer. Paying people to do stuff like drywall, plumb, lay sub floors, etc. is getting expensive. It makes me wonder how much more I would have been charged if I had let them do the demo work instead of me. I hope I saved a bunch of money by...Doing the demo myself.


Blogger HomeImprovementNinja said...

Nice work on the sanding. About the order:

1) tile the floor (if you tile the floor first, you can put them close up against the wall and have the wall tiles sit on them. If you do the wall first, you can't shove floor tiles underneath so you will have a gap where it meets the wall, unless you are reaaaallly good at cutting tile).

2) tile the walls (if you paint, the tile might not stick to the, why paint something that no one will see).

3) Paint the walls & ceiling (paint the ceiling first. You will probably drip paint on the walls when you do it, which will be bad if you already painted the walls).

9:46 AM  
Blogger derek said...

make sure you mask off your new tile work when you paint, you don't want paint all over your new tile. I've seen the rooms tiled both ways, it is hard to leave the right gap for the floor to slip under though. I did the shower floor first in my bathroom, now I'm doing the walls. I haven't decided about the rest of the floor. Its nice to be able to slop thinset on the floor and not worry about it.

12:01 PM  
Blogger C&C said...

So I think the order I'll do the stuff in will go as follows:

1) Paint the ceiling (so I don't drip paint on the new tiled floor)

2) Tile the floor

3) Tile the walls

4) Paint the walls

Would I want to grout the floor before putting the tile on the walls, or tile the floor, then the walls and grout both at the same time?


12:09 PM  

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