Friday, January 27, 2006

Where The Sidewalk Ends...

Since the sidewalks in front of our house (and several others) were turning to gravel, the wonderful City of Fayetteville decided to take action. Apparently this has been in "the works" for a while. The entire street was full of city vehicles, cement trucks, back hoes, men with shovels and other equipment. There was absolutely no place to park in front of our house which normally wouldn't be a problem except that both Steve the sheet rock guy and the home theater guys were both supposed to be working that day. I guess everyone was able to park close enough because stuff got done.

By the time we got home the evening I took these pics, the concrete had been poured and I noticed a group of people had gathered in front of the house. They quickly pointed out that some doofus had walked down the sidewalk in front of our house before the cement had set. Upon further inspection our house was the only one with footprints in the cement (thanks, man!). We appreciate Jay for quickly grabbing his push broom and erasing the culprit's tracks.


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