Thursday, June 01, 2006

Stripping Wallpaper

Finally, we started stripping the wallpaper in the baby's room. I had hoped we would start it and say "See, that's not so bad! Why did we put it off for so long?" But, wallpaper that's been on the walls longer than our parents have been alive is not going to come off without a struggle. I think we've got a technique down now though, so it is going a lot faster and more smoothly. The walls beneath are in great shape, turns out they are drywall (albeit primitive) and not plaster. So no worries about patching crumbly plaster. Above left - wallpaper pattern, Above right - 3 hours of stripping.

Molly the Cat's new haircut


Blogger Allison said...

Poor Molly! Does the dog make fun of her haircut? I love the way they bobbed her tail. Our poor greyhound got into a bit of a scrape...
Bill's Accident

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