Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 6 - Kitchen Remodel

I'm starting to lose count of the days, but this is from the 6th day of work. I was so shocked to come home to find the sub-floor partially installed in the kitchen. It was no easy feat, for they had to sister the joists first. Although our joists were still very strong and sturdy, they were warped just enough to cause some nasty waves in the floor. I think Chris and I both felt like hugging the guys after seeing this!

We're having the power panel moved from outside the house to inside the pantry. It will be a lot easier for when we need to access it. Mike, the electrician, called the power company to have the power totally shut off for yesterday. Since there would be no power, the guys would not be able to work on the kitchen. The power company did not turn off the power, so it was rescheduled for today. The guys decided to start building the base cabinets at their place so we wouldn't lose time. Well, turns out the power company scheduled us for tomorrow instead, so tomorrow we will not have power. The good news is that the guys can still work on base cabinets, the fence can still go up (thanks to gas-powered air compressor), and Mike will finally get to finish our house so he can move on to his next project. It is just a little bump in the road, as most projects hit days or weeks where everything comes to a halt.

Today, Natalie and I looked at tile for the backsplash and floors, countertops and we got some window prices. I now completely understand why storm windows were installed over the old ones - OUCH.


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