Sunday, December 23, 2007

FSBO no mo

After quite a busy summer of updates and painting, our house is looking pretty good. It feels like home, we've made our mark, and we've gotten pretty settled in. Various repairs to the drywall were made (including the squirrel hole), plaster was repaired, wallpaper was scraped, the craft room came to life, grout was repaired, pretty much everything got a good coating of paint, the back porch was rebuilt, and the landscaping was put in.
I once said at our first house, "we will get it pretty much how we like it, and then it will be time to move", and it was true. It seemed to be the same with this house also.
When we moved here, we thought we would raise our family here, two cats, two kids, and maybe a dog. Well, after one baby, we've decided we don't want to stop at two, three would be just about right. With all four bedrooms occupied - master, nursery, craft room, and computer room, we are out of space. So we decided maybe we needed to build a house that would suit our future needs. So we put our house up for sale. We got a lot of hits on, got even more phone calls (it seemed), and showed it quite a few times. We had a lot picked out (almost an acre in size) in a quiet, new neighborhood just outside of town. We picked out a builder and were working on a plan. But, as it turns out, our hearts just weren't in it. The main concern with anyone who saw the house was the kitchen. It's cute, but very old - no dishwasher, etc. So, we've decided that if we revamp the kitchen and later add on a master suite, we will have all we need. We love the location - so close to everything, including work, we love our neighbors, and we also love the house.


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