Saturday, August 26, 2006

Natalie's Nursery

While there are still some finishing touches to be done, Natalie's nursery is pretty much complete. We'll worry about the rest of it when things are a little less hectic. Or will it ever be less hectic? We've settled into a pretty nice rythm of snuggling her, feeding her, burping her, changing her, putting her down for a nap, and then repeating the process a little bit later. She has settled into a pretty good sleep pattern at night for a 4 week old, sometimes even going 4 hours between feedings. Things are starting to settle down a little, it definitely seems less frantic now. It still amazes me how one little person can keep two big people so busy. So for now, we will just enjoy life as we know it, the rest of it can wait.

To-Do List:
  1. Add quarter round trim to ceiling
  2. Hang shelves
  3. Paint poem on wall
  4. Mat and frame linen book & hang
  5. Finsih remaining curtain and hang


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