Wednesday, July 19, 2006


We now have central heat & air in the upstairs of our house! The downstairs system will be finished within the next couple of days. Perfect timing, the highs for the end of this week are in the low 100s, not to mention our baby is due on Saturday. We'll see about when she gets here though. We knew it had been hot upstairs at night, no wind blowing even, because we've had three box fans going in our room and still haven't been able to sleep. Last night when the system was turned on, the temperature was 93 degrees! Inside! Ok, we must be tougher than we thought we were. Maybe that's why Chris has done so well bicycling in the heat this summer, he's built up a resistance to it! The air ran all night long until 4:59 this morning when it finally hit the 74 degree mark. It was so strange actually getting cool and needing to pull up the sheet and blanket. Heaven! A big "Thank You" to Tony, the HVAC guy, and Mike, the electrician, and his helper for getting us going last night!

When they cut a hole in the ceiling in the landing for the air intake vent, they found that under the drywall is tongue & groove beadboard. Very cool, we'll add uncovering it and refinishing it to our To-Do list. At the bottom, of course.

A few weeks ago, I heard a rustling in the front flower bed. I figured it was a squirrel, but turned out to be a box turtle. We hadn't seen him in a while until this weekend when Chris found him with the weedeater at the side of the house. No worries though, his shell protected him. Maybe our resident turtle is here to stay.


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