Sunday, May 18, 2008

"If Walls Could Talk" makes me sick, or Kitchen Remodel: Day 2

So we've been watching the show "If Walls Could Talk" on HGTV. That show makes me want to puke but I'm totally addicted to it. For those who aren't familiar with it it's about people who remodel their old houses and find all sorts of treasures. The show then has an appraiser come in and appraise the items. Things like a $100,000 confederate general's civil war sword, Tiffany stained glass windows, or priceless coin collections or money stuffed in old pianos just to name a few. That's pretty cool, obviously everyone's dream who's remodeling an old house.

The thing that makes me want to ralph when I watch this show is that most of the home owners just happen to find the original blue prints to the house in a 150 year old antique dresser that was left in the house in mint condition (both the blue prints and the dresser). And to top it off, a "friendly stranger" just happens to drop off a bunch of old pictures of the house right after it was build along with the china hutch the original owners used in the house "because it belongs to the house, not me" they say...I can feel my blood pressure going up as I type.

So in doing our kitchen remodel (and watching the show) we were obviously hoping to find at least an old bottle inside the walls or something, nope. Two rooms gutted down to the studs and floor joists and nothing. We did happen to find the old wallpaper that was still on the plaster when they sheet rocked over it who knows how long ago.

Enough ranting for now...the dumpster is getting full.

Here's the progress after day two.

We noticed that when the old cabinets were put in, the window was shortened. We are keeping the sink in the same location but we will make the window as large as possible and still have room for the subway tile back splash and window sill trim.

This wall will be opened up and will have to be braced with a beam since it's a load bearing wall.

These two pics show one of the chimneys in the house.



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