Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We're Posted

After day two (which was actually a few days ago), the fence posts were set. This fence has apparently caused quite a commotion in the neighborhood. You see, people saw the size of the fence posts and ASSUMED we were building a 6' privacy fence around our entire property. They didn't realize that the 8 foot 4x4 fence posts have to be set 2' in the ground, which leaves 6' of fence post sticking up out of the ground. The rest (little less than 2 feet) will be cut off at the appropriate height since we are adding ornamental post caps. The local lumber companies just don't stock enough 6 foot 4x4 fence posts to do an entire picket fence job, this is why 8 foot 4x4s are used. Here are some pics of the progress.



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