Tuesday, June 03, 2008

People just don't use common sense...

So the gutters are installed. The gutter guys did a pretty good job, the gutters/down spouts match the trim color almost exactly. Two issues though, which are supposed to be taken care of (I have not mailed their payment yet so I don't have to worry):

#1) They ran the downspout like five feet though the flower bed. My thought on how this should have been done is to curve the downspout along the house until it clears the flower bed and then point it outwards to deflect the water flow away from the foundation.

#2) They put a downspout in the middle of the wall next to the window. I understand that there is a fencepost in the way for the fence gate, but the spout could have easily been placed on the other side of the fence post around the corner...duh.



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