Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 7

Well, actually we are further into it than Day 7, but we lost 3 days due to wiring that was going on and the power being shut off - well sort of.
Anyways, yesterday the power company finally got the power shut off and turned back on later that evening. So now we have our power panel in the pantry, the wiring for the kitchen and blue room roughed in and we have passed the electrical inspection - woohoo!

Today, our guys were back to work inside the kitchen sistering joists, installing subfloor and putting up the insulation. Those two rooms were the coldest in the entire house, as they face North and are pretty shaded.

It is so nice to come home and see a flurry of activity, bringing us closer to a complete kitchen and fenced in yard. The picket fence is getting pretty close to being done, the gu...oh wait, that is Chris's news to tell - it will be on here soon. Back to my part...
Jesus (a carpenter yes, but not THE carpenter) jacked up the floor 1.5" over by the pantry without any effort and installed a pier. Turns out that wall just didn't have any support under it. The pantry door just almost shuts properly now. Yeah, I know, we are thrilled about almost shutting!
Tuesday, they are coming to measure for windows (just for the two rooms) and we should have our countertop estimates in. Tonight, we ordered our stove, dishwasher (woohoo!!!!!), garbage disposer and sink. Feels like progress!


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