Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good News/Bad News

Whew, it has been a long week here and it isn't getting any shorter...blech. One of the techs at our shop has been on vacation this week and BOY has it been busy! We certainly miss him and appreciate all the hard work he does for us. Some weeks are a little slow and maybe a little quiet even, and we can get things all caught up. Not this week though! There have been service calls out the wazoo, a gazillion things in the shop and Natalie and I have been hanging at the shop all week to help. Definitely some long days, we are all ready for this week to wind down.

We came home to some good excitement today - not only did the crown molding come in, but the tin for the ceiling came in as well. The brackets, bin pulls, and faucet came to the office today making it seem like everything was really pulling together. Also, the countertop people faxed us our written quote to be signed so they could start cutting the stone. We were so excited and felt like things were really picking up speed!

Until...the bottom fell out.
  • The beautiful, wide crown molding ended up being TOO wide and will have to go back. It is really nice, but it will make our coffers seem really tiny. I don't know what we were thinking.
  • The lighting that we ordered at the same time, from the same place as the brackets & bin pulls won't even ship out until sometime next week.
  • And for the real owie - the countertops will not be installed until the last week of this month.
OUCH & boohoo. So we will just keep on like we have been keeping on and maybe things will fall into place and happen a little sooner than we think. That's the best shot at optimism I can make tonight. I must say reality bites!

Oh, for some pictures...this is about where we are now, just imagine it with a little more trim detail added.


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