Thursday, June 05, 2008

Getting Closer...

The gutters are one elbow from being done. The gutter guys came out and shortened the spout below...

And moved the spout that cut through the flower bed...and forgot to add the elbow piece to point the water away from the foundation. I swear, that one elbow piece is THE LAST thing the gutters need and I'll shut up about them :)

I'll talk instead about how the only thing left to do on the fence is to add the gates and it's been over a week since we've seen the fence guys...



Blogger NV said...

Man -- I feel your pain. Trying to get people to do what they're supposed to, not to mention PAID to, is the worst.

Yeah, let's take that water off the roof and aim it right at the foundation. GREAT idea! :-)


10:23 AM  

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