Friday, January 27, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

We sold the dining set, and I was strangely relieved. It's still here, they are picking it up next week, but it means that we are at least starting on our switcheroo project. Here is the dining room right now...

This room looks incredibly yellowed in this photo, even after I adjusted the colors! I need to learn a bit more Photoshop, obviously. Anyways, room really isn't yellow, but more of a light tan. I think the paint may work with our bedroom colors, but I am itching to paint it anyways. Maybe a fresh start sort of thing. I doubt I will still feel that way after I paint the three rooms upstairs! Here is what we have in our bedroom currently, furniture and bedding wise...which also looks very yellow, but is not.

Wondering about the white curtain behind the bed? Before we bought our bed, we just had a bed stand without a headboard. There is a tiny closet behind there that needed to be hidden. When we bought actual nightstands, the bed would no longer center with the curtain (they were too wide). It's been on my to-do list to move the rod over. Sometimes procrastinating pays off! At least no more holes to fill from moving it!

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