Monday, May 18, 2009

Natalie-isms Part 2

Chris brought Natalie a Spongebob t-shirt home one day when he had been running errands. A couple of nights ago, we were getting her ready for bed and...

Chris: Do you want to wear Spongebob to bed?

Natalie: "Noooo" (she cries, it was past bedtime and she was cranky).

Chris: "Why not? You don't want to wear Spongebob?"

Natalie: (more tears) "Noooo" (she wailed, with tears rolling and volume increasing)

Chris: "Why not?"

Natalie: "It's too funny!" (she loudly wails)

"I want to go to Target"
This is said every couple of days. Two years old and she is already addicted! What have we done?

"You're smelly"
She says this to me EVERY morning after I put on my perfume. "Smelly good, or smelly bad?" Then too much thought, so I say "do I smell good?" "Yes, smelly good." Hmmm, she had to think a little too hard on that one.

"Let me see your belly button"
When I was very large pregnant, she thought my popped-out belly button was the funniest thing. Now she asks anyone she knows to see theirs! So far not many have obliged...

Said in a matter-of-fact, slightly offended tone of voice...
"No, I'm not (add adjective here: beautiful, sweet, etc), I'm NATALIE."

Natalie has some (for lack of better words) "artwork" above her bed. One piece of it is a paperdoll dress made of fabric scraps. She has LOVED this dress ever since I made the art for her. She asks to wear it. Tonight when I was tucking her into bed, I told her we would make a craft tomorrow - one of her favorite things to do. I asked if she had anything she wanted to make, thinking she would say a puppy, a kitty, or something like that. She points her little finger and says "THAT. I want to make that dress. I want to wear it." Ohhh boy.

"We don't eat people."
You know how you grab a little one and pretend to eat their belly or cheek or arm, saying "omnomnom" in a monster voice? And then blow on their belly button? Yes, this is apparently unacceptable behavior.


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Remember making chains upon chains with those weeds/flowers?

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