Thursday, April 09, 2009


Natalie is two. So far the two's have not been terrible, (though sometimes challenging) but they have definitely been interesting. Who knew that chasing cats would become a father-daughter near-nightly activity? Below are some Natalie-isms:

"Oooh, you look like Halloween!" -this is actually a good thing, a big compliment - it means you look fancy or dressed up

"Mommy, you look like a MANIAC!" -not sure what that one was supposed to mean, as she said it and laughed like crazy.

"I want a beautiful man" - figured out that she was asking for a Barbie Ken doll to match her mermaid doll

"bumps" - referring to breasts. When Graham was born, this became the topic of a lot of conversations & questions at our house!

"My throat is hungry"

"Molly's a nice cat" - said convincingly to me while she was harassing the cat so that I would let her continue, rather than tell her Molly is getting ready to bite & make her stop. This is an ongoing lesson that I don't see her learning anytime soon!

"Molly's grumpy, she needs to go outside!" -said through brokenhearted tears, after the bite

"NO, that's MINE! No, Molly, NO!" - said during many squabbles with the cat. Molly takes Natalie's ribbons, sits in her swing, lays on her bed, and claims her blankies that she leaves around.

"Mommy, you got lots of hair? Nana got lots of hair? Meme got lots of hair?" and so it goes for each family member until..."Papa...he not not got hair. He has a head" (Papa is somewhat bald!)

"Hear that? Hear that peckwooder?" - referring to the woodpecker outside

"(Add name here) TOOTED!" - said LOUDLY when Natalie toots, followed by loud laughter. This is especially embarrassing when said at Target. I've found the best place to hide is in the men's underwear section...

There is also a new fascination with rubber bands. She's found they are useful not only in her hair, but in Barbie's hair and also for keeping worn out doll diapers on Cabbage Patch Kids. We were in the car and Graham spit out his binkie (for the millionth time that day). Natalie says, "Oh no, Graham popped his binkie! He needs a rubber band!" Oh if only!


Blogger NV said...

Adorable! Enjoy it while you can. She'll be driving and dating boys before you can blink ...

4:26 PM  

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