Monday, January 12, 2009

Poor Old Cat

We have two cats - Lily, a Siamese-ish looking one who is skittish, quirky, somewhat strange, but very sweet & gentle cat, and Molly, who is a bossy but sweet Tabby who LOVES our two year old. They are pals, siblings, play buddies, and rivals. Lily, on the other hand, does not like kids in general, but is very tolerant and very gentle with Natalie. Lily will simply run off and hide when she has had enough - a definite delight to the toddler who likes to chase her!

So I'm in the kitchen cooking dinner, and Natalie is pestering Lily. Lily runs into the kitchen with Natalie on her heels - in and out, over and over. The faster Lily goes, the more Natalie howls with laughter. Chris is (FINALLY) taking the boxes of Christmas stuff to the garage. Laughter and squealing is going all through the downstairs - husband and child are both occupied and dinner is just almost ready. Then, the laughter gets louder, the squeals get louder and they are now coming from one place. It sounds like Natalie has cornered the cat. I hustle to the origin of the racket to find CHRIS swinging our very large cat like a pendulum back in forth in front of Natalie, who is beyond hysterics laughing. Lily's eyes were like silver dollars and every muscle was rigid. I have never seen a cat so happy to be locked into the safety of the craft room! Poor Old Cat.


Blogger M'elle said...

Came across your blog via 1311's - I LOVE your house. We used the same pendant light fixtures in our kitchen and I believe the same kitchen faucet!
Anyway - just wanted to let you know how beautiful I think your house is - compliments always keep us motivated at the house of many feet.
We also have a cat very similar to your Lily- Lil' Henri...

3:21 PM  

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