Friday, November 14, 2008

Wasp Catcher

Usually, it's the man's job to extract or kill anything of the creepy crawly variety - except in our house. We've had wasps trying to invade our house this fall to make their home for the winter. At one point I was swatting 4 or so a DAY in our living room.
Chris would duck, jump and run when they came buzzing around - of all things! My big manly man afraid of a wasp? Lordy! At first I thought he was kidding.
We found they were coming down the chimney and into the living room, so Chris bought some spray that lasts 6 to 8 weeks and sprayed up inside the fireplace really well. Once in awhile one will make it past the sprayed area and drunkenly buzz around the living room only to fall to the floor in agony. Except for today.
Natalie was upstairs and I was sitting on the couch checking email when a drunken wasp buzzes my head and lands on the arm of the couch beside me. Then he bumbles around to land on the thick, velvet draperies. Aha - I gotcha - I think as I slap Natalie's empty bowl that she had been playing with earlier over the wasp on the draperies. OOps. Now what? Wasp under bowl, with fabric (albeit thick) behind him - not so smart afterall. I reach as far as I can for a magazine off the ottoman to slip under the bowl to trap the wasp- Pottery Barn will have to work - DOH - too flimsy. I manage to reach one of Chris's bow hunting books - told ya, a manly man - and trap the beast so that I can toss him outside to freeze to death.
But if I move the bowl, he's going to sting me. And if I leave the bowl out there, trapping the wasp - some curious someone might get stung. So I flung them all as hard as I could into the yard. So if you ever see random items in our front yard and can't feature why they would be there...


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