Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So Close, Yet So... know the saying. Below are some pictures of the kitchen...

It's looking great, we are really pleased, it just isn't finished yet. We are on day who knows, of month...well, we started on May 3. So it's been awhile. We thought (almost for sure) it would be done by Saturday for Natalie's birthday party. It was really looking like it until Jesus got really, really sick. It's looking like he has salmonella poisoning from a pepper, so he is at home getting well. Our best wishes and prayers are with him, he is so very sick. It really does put the kitchen into perspective. While we really, really want it finished, it really isn't SO important after all. Health and family are so much more important, we definitely can wait. We are going ahead with Natalie's party, it's about her - not how the house looks, what kind of food we're having, or any of that. We will have simple foods - nothing that requires cooking or dishwashing. Lucky for us, our family and friends love us for us. And while I am certainly going to do my best to make the house as "normal" (whatever that means) as possible, I am not going to stress over what is beyond my control. Thankfully, the only one who is held to Martha Stewart standards is Martha Stewart herself. And Martha I am not. -cara

The remaining TO-DO list:
  • walls & ceiling painted
  • trim, cabinets & windows painted
  • glass in transom
  • transom trimmed out
  • doors & drawers finished & painted
  • shelves installed in cabinets
  • backsplash tiled
  • floor tiled
  • brackets & hardware installed
  • electrical- lights, outlets, switches installed
  • MOVE IN!!!!!


Anonymous B. Williams said...

Wow, cabinets AND countertops. Must be nice. Are those Doug Smith specials? They look similar to the ones he did for us. Anyway, we get our countertops tomorrow. Woo Hoo we can start cooking inside again.

3:47 PM  

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