Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Neighborhood Weirdness

Well, we found out who the owner of the BMW is - they thought it had been stolen. Huh? Someone had driven it home for them and parked it behind the wrong picket fence. OK. We came closer to calling the police about it than they did though. Hmmm...

The house to the right of us, which used to be rented by a retired senator, had college kids outside barking and having a really great, loud time the same weekend as Bikes Blues & Barbeque - WOW it was a loud weekend. While fun and neat, it is SOOOOO loud in our neighborhood. Next year, we will invest in earplugs.

And someone stole our presidential yard sign...and everyone else's also - at least on our block. Well, at least we know the thief or thieves weren't targeting just one party- maybe they are for a write-in candidate?

So after all the strangeness, I really would like to get one of those time lapse cameras to see what REALLY goes on around here...


Anonymous NunkProTunk said...

Our presidential yard sign was stolen also,and our neighbor's, and maybe others. However, there was only one party advertising on our block (Forest Avenue), so it's a bit more suspect. Yes BB&B is very loud, but lots of fun. Like Christmas, I'm glad it only comes once a year.

8:01 PM  

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