Monday, April 20, 2009

Backyard Beautification

We had a gargantuan red bud tree fall on both our back porch, and the garage during the ice storm a couple of months ago. It didn't hurt either structure, but the tree was toast. Unfortunately, that meant it had to be removed. It was just too far gone.
We have been dreaming of changing the tiny backyard, pot-holed mosquito haven into a courtyard type space that we would/could actually use. Our original plans were to brick around the red bud tree, so that we could still enjoy it's shade. It really is sort of bittersweet, we hated to lose the tree, but now it will be much easier to arrange things back there.
Jesus, who has done multiple projects around our house, just returned this weekend from a long hiatus rebuilding what was damaged in Texas after the hurricanes there. So here we go!
The tree guys came today to take out the tree & stump, the flagstone will be delivered tomorrow, and Jesus and his crew are starting cleanup & leveling tomorrow. Stay tuned for photos...


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