Sunday, April 19, 2009


You know what I am talking about...
You see a house for sale that needs a lot of work, but you envision what it could be. And almost as if the house senses your ideas, it starts calling for you. It needs you to buy it, it needs you to love it. You think about it when you wake up, and when you drift off to sleep at night. The majestic white columns, the enormous wrap around porch, the large lot with the three car garage...
And those are just the known details. What could be inside? Inlaid wood floors, original crystal chandeliers, a curving staircase?
Then you find out how much it lists for (in this economy-no way, even if it is so worth it), and you start thinking about how much it will cost to revive it (OUCH) and make it what you wish. Especially, since it has been a four-plex rental for the past many, many years. And the time, you think about all that time you will have to invest while living like a refugee again. Not to mention, we would have to sell our house, our house that we love, our house with the kitchen we waited months for.
Suddenly, the lust starts to wear off. Home starts feeling like the place to be, and you suddenly have a new appreciation for it.


Blogger NV said...

I’ve been there many, many times. Just write it off to day-dreaming! You’ll be happier for it. :-)

1:47 PM  
Blogger Trina said...

I have house lust all the time. I will always dream of having a big large home with oodles and oodles of rooms to decorate! But still, where you've made your home, its memories, keeps you happy where you are. : )

3:59 PM  

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