Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There Ought to be a Law...

I mean truly, there should be a law of nature that mommies and daddies who have little kids never get sick. Ever. There are no sick days when you have little ones to care for. Thank goodness this is just allergies, really being sick would REALLY stink. We have been really lucky this past year not to have been sick much. Speaking of laws, below is a list of items that I wish could be passed into some sort of natural law (of course, nobody asked me!):
  1. Mommies & daddies never get sick- at least not when their kids are small or dependant upon them.
  2. You get a bonus gift of multiple hours of sleep when you have a new baby. Maybe hours of rest could be like a bank account, but only in your head. So instead of having a deficit and bouncing sleep checks when your baby is born, you have a whole savings account to fall back on.
  3. Only three rainy days at a time. You get a sunny day with nice weather before it rains again.
  4. The same sort of thing with two year olds - only three grumpy hours at a time, then one hour of total cooperation and smiles.
  5. Mute buttons, or at least volume controls - this goes for children, dogs, lawn mowers, construction at 7am in the morning across the street when you've been up 20 times during the night with new baby. And thunder, yes thunder should be muted when little ones are sleeping. Especially for the ones who are afraid of thunder!
  6. And gravity - gravity needs to have exemptions and exceptions. I mean really, it's great to keep us firmly planted, but does it really need to pull so hard on anything besides our feet and inanimate objects? NO, I don't think so.
Please feel free to add to this list, maybe we can start some sort of petition?


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