Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Natalie-isms

Natalie: "These are my dogs: Iffy, Sniffy, O-lie & Molly" (four stuffed dogs that sleep with her and get dragged all over the house)

"Can you help me to dance?"
Translation: Dance with me!

Natalie: "I've not never seen a girl like tha-at!" Said in a sweet, mommy-grown-up voice.
Not sure exactly what it means or what she heard before that she thinks she is saying, is a supreme compliment. It took totally fixed hair, lipstick, painted nails, high heels and a dress to get this compliment. I'm not expecting to get it again anytime soon. So, if she says it to you, know you look WOW to her!

Natalie & Graham crawl into kitchen and come back a couple minutes later.
Natalie: "Graham smells like CAT FOOD!" peels of giggling
Mom: "What? Cat Food?! Graham! Natalie!" finger in G's mouth, fishing for piece
Natalie: really laughing now "No, no, it's not in his MOUTH! It's gone down, down, down into his belly!"

Natalie: "Oh Graham-y", patting G's belly before bedtime, "You've got a BIG puppy belly!"

At Hunan Manor for lunch on a Sunday with Uncle Matt, quiet music playing, subdued crowd:
Natalie: "Uncle Matt is a SASQUATCH!" giggling, shrieking, more giggling
Mom: in a low voice as people are starting to look "Natalie NO, NO, we don't say that! Be quiet! Talk quiet!"
Natalie: a little louder "Uncle Matt is a SASQUATCH!" giggling, shrieking, more loud giggling
Dad & Matt: cracking up
Dad: "NO Natalie!" hahahaha, more laughing by both
I get up to get food, thinking we have this under control, then from ACROSS THE ROOM, she starts it again! So, let this be a lesson to brothers who tease each other & call each other embarrassing WILL come back to haunt you. And your wife. And it's usually in public! For the record, Natalie has no idea what a Sasquatch is.

In case you're wondering, Graham does many, many funny things, he just doesn't say anything yet (that we understand, anyways). I'm sure he's got a running list of what he wants to say when he is able to. I imagine we will then have many, many Graham-ism posts. Bear with us.


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