Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Been a While... Natalie-isms Part 3

Whoops, meant to post a long time ago, but have been so very busy just with life in general.
No pictures of house stuff this time, but here are a few more Natalie-isms:

Me: Come on, come on, get in the car Natalie!
Natalie: *twirling and dancing in front yard* I need to dance, I'm dancing now!
Me: Ok, enough dancing, in the car you go! *hoisting her into her seat and starting to buckle her*
Natalie: I need to DANCE! *making mean scrunchy face* Ooooh, you're the...mommy, you're the BIG BAD WOLF!!!
Me: *not even trying not to laugh* Well then you are the stinky little pig!
Natalie: *completely offended* Uh! Me?!? NO, I'm not a stinky little pig! *lots of giggles*

Natalie: pthbbbbt *blowing raspberries*
Graham: (now 6 months old) pthbbbbt
Both: *giggle giggle giggle squeal giggle*
Natalie: pthbbbbt
Graham: pthbbbbt
*and repeat for the duration of the car trip through town*

Natalie: Is our car new mommy?
Me: No, it's not new, we've had it a while.
Natalie: Papa's truck is new. (Papa drives a refinished 72 Chevy)
Me: No, his truck is old, it just has new paint.
Natalie: *thinking hard, gears grinding* We have an old truck too!
Me: Yes, we do, our truck is old.
Natalie: Our house is old.
Me: Yes, our house is very old.
Natalie: We need to make it new!

Our two fat, old cats will snarf down their food too quickly in the morning and then puke it up a few minutes later in some spot where we are sure to step. Natalie is the puke finder and will also keep us reminded until we clean it up. In her mind, "cat pewt" has priority over everything- even hungry baby brothers who need fed RIGHT THEN.
One such day, Natalie was eating her lunch and got up from the table before swallowing what was in her mouth. She comes into the kitchen to ask me something and accidentally drops a chunk of food out of her mouth onto the floor.
She looks down, then up at me and says in a matter-of-fact way... "Natalie pewt".

Beetles (as in VW cars)
Natalie: We have a beetle in our yard.
Natalie: Beetles are
cars, but they are bugs too.
Natalie: Our beetle is a car but it's also a bug.

Natalie pulls a broken chip out of bag...
N: *disgustedly* Somebody nommed on this one!

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