Thursday, December 14, 2006


Someday, we would love to put in a new kitchen with all of the modern amenities (such as a dishwasher & a garbage disposal), but for now, it will work just fine the way it is and it does have a cozy feel to it.
The kitchen was an easy room, not much plumbing or drywall needed, just some cosmetic touches. We painted the walls a buttercream yellow, removed the upper metal cabinets and replaced with open shelving, and removed the cabinet doors and hung curtains instead.
There are still a few things I would like to do, such as replace the tile countertop with something a little easier to clean, change out the lighting for some pendants, get a small portable island or cart, replace the faucet, and finish the Roman shade for the window over the sink.
But for now, it feels like home...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Take a GOOD look...

Because this is the washer & dryer you do NOT want to buy. It is deceptively beautiful with it's luminescent silvery "Titanium" finish, sparkling front loading glass doors and labeling that promises "ultra capacity" and "quiet operation". But, beauty is sometimes the beast underneath the gloss and advertising charm. So fellow homeowners/appliance buyers/do-it-yourself-ers/friends & family, a word of caution...don't buy an LG.
The first few days we had the washer, we had to cut the water off to it when we weren't washing a load as the drum would fill with water. It was missing a shut off piece, and LG took their time sending it to the repair service. After two weeks of waiting for it to be serviced, I should have known then that this would not be a good thing.
The washer makes all sorts of noise that you can hear throughout the house. It makes a whirring noise that sounds like some sort of space craft trying to take off, then the load will be imbalanced and it will beat and bang so loudly that you think the door is going to come off. After balancing the load, it then shrieks and squeals as it finishes the spin cycle. It boasts of "ultra capacity" but in fact does not hold much. My old, cheap Maytag top loading machine held much more and cost MUCH less. It also leaks water out the back if I've been doing much laundry that day. The dryer seems to only have one problem and that is that it shuts off too soon.
So I called LG to see what the problem was and they told me to call a repair man, supposedly warranty would pay for it. The repair man came out, did not know how to operate the machine, so he called LG for help. They told him the WHOLE problem was the fact that I was not using HE detergent and that it would work just fine and quietly if I did.
So now I am stuck with the repair bill because LG refuses to pay the service. And stuck with an expensive washer & dryer set that was supposed to be every laundry-doing person's dream that turns out to be...smaller capacity than expected, louder, and really just a disappointing case of buyer's remorse. So buyers be warned...
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