Monday, October 27, 2008

56 Days Until Christmas

So is anyone else getting excited about Christmas? Yes?!? Oh goody!
I try to keep my excitement to myself, at least until the day after Thanksgiving - I don't want to burn anyone out. This year it's worse though, the restless feeling that I need to get stuff done - NOW.
I don't know if it's that I need a diversion from all of this election stress going on, that I know I need to use my craft room now while I have it, or the fact that I know I'm going to be really large preggo by December and I need to get things done while I can still get up and down off the floor. Probably all of the above.
So in between thoughts of how to decorate the nursery, the Christmas Canon is playing in my head.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our House's Twin

I found this photo in the newspaper over the weekend and at first, I thought it was our house. It is so similar, it is a little fancier than ours though and is in another town. It makes me wonder if our house was from a popular plan, like from a book, or if they were built by the same builder, or if it was a kit type house. We have found so little information about our house, and no pictures so far.

Our house:

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Neighborhood Weirdness

Well, we found out who the owner of the BMW is - they thought it had been stolen. Huh? Someone had driven it home for them and parked it behind the wrong picket fence. OK. We came closer to calling the police about it than they did though. Hmmm...

The house to the right of us, which used to be rented by a retired senator, had college kids outside barking and having a really great, loud time the same weekend as Bikes Blues & Barbeque - WOW it was a loud weekend. While fun and neat, it is SOOOOO loud in our neighborhood. Next year, we will invest in earplugs.

And someone stole our presidential yard sign...and everyone else's also - at least on our block. Well, at least we know the thief or thieves weren't targeting just one party- maybe they are for a write-in candidate?

So after all the strangeness, I really would like to get one of those time lapse cameras to see what REALLY goes on around here...

Friday, October 03, 2008

Can We Keep It!?! Can We Keep It!?!

WOW, look what was parked in our driveway when we got home tonight!
Is it a belated birthday gift for ME?
Is it a new sibling for the red car?

Well then whose is it, and why is it parked in our driveway? They say that possession is 9/10 of the law, is that really true? I've ALWAYS loved BMW's....

So what do you do when a car belonging to someone else is parked in YOUR driveway? A driveway that goes inside a fenced-in yard, no less. I've never even heard of that happening. It's a little awkward, I must say...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bye Bye Craft Room, HELLO Nursery!

This room has been a haven for my craft messes for awhile now, but soon we will start making it into a nursery for our baby that is on the way. I am not sorry to give up this room, it's for such a good cause, but where on earth am I going to put all of my JUNK? This picture shows one side of the craft room, the other side is where I moved everything unsightly. This really is a great room. It's really quiet because it's away from the landing, and while it is small, it has three windows.

This is the same room that had a stovepipe hole in the chimney that the squirrel would pop out of while I was working at the desk. That hole has been patched, some quickie shelves were installed and we attached some plywood to the wall for a makeshift desk with a skirt. You wouldn't believe what a person can hide under a skirt!
Linoleum had been installed on the floor decades ago and someone had tried to remove it, but even sanding did not work. Since it was sanded smooth, I painted over it with porch paint, which made it into the most cleanable surface in the entire house. Tacky glue and acrylic paint are no match for the porch paint!
I'm going to keep the craft room until after Christmas, then start on the baby's room. That project will be the easiest one we've had in awhile- mostly just painting the walls and freshening the stain on the woodwork. Then all that is left is decorating.
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