Monday, September 25, 2006

So Long September

I have to say this has been the busiest September I've ever seen! While it is filled with birthdays - Matt's(Chris's brother), Mine(29 forever), Chris's, his parents anniversary, this year was an especially busy one with the addition of (my sister) Cassie's wedding as well as it being Chris's 30th birthday.
One good thing about hosting a wedding shower and a 30th birthday party is that you get a lot of work done in preparing for it. Or at least started. Now to finish those projects! We did do quite a bit more unpacking and settling, and got some painting done (almost!) as well. It's amazing how much more it feels like home now.
It seems like Natalie changes or learns something new daily. She started smiling last month, but it took us until now to catch it on camera. She found her hands and feet this month and started gurgling, cooing and "talking" to us. I never knew baby language would hold us so spellbound! She also started sleeping through the night (9pm until 5:45am or so).
Below are some picture highlights of the month.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Takin' a Leak

After a crazy week filled with a lingerie shower, 30th birthday surprise party, rehearsal dinner & wedding, we end up with a new leak. Why it couldn't wait until a time when we had nothing going on so we could find it, I don't know. We had one leak coming through our bedroom ceiling vent from the window above it in the attic, but now there's one more in the kitchen. Water was dribbling from the door frame of all places! We're not exactly sure where the leak is coming from, but we do know it traveled at least a little distance to get there. We have a sneaking suspicion it has to do with where the plumbers (yes, them again!) cut through the roof for a vent. The strange thing is, neither side of the wall is even damp. More to come when we find the source...

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